Mon. Oct 14th, 2019


Expect the Unexpected

About Me:

My name is Vali, i live in Slobozia, a small town at 130 km from our capital city Bucharest.

I’m engineer, licensed in electronics and telecomunication (systems with programmed logic).

  All DIRECT QSL’s sent to me will be answered by DIRECT with no need of any cost in  the true spirit of HAM RADIO.

    My qsl is ok via (AG) / / Bureau / Direct.

Club Member of :

Hellenic Phase Shift Keying Club:#79

European Phase Shift Keying Club: #14944

30Meter Digital Group:#5209

Belgium Club SSTV: #771

Belgium Digital Modes Club:#3283

PODXS070: #1461

Digital Modes Club:#04677

Feld Hell Club: #3656

ERC: #1305

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